Commercial and Contract Litigation

The Law Office of Abby Allford, PLLC provides legal services for clients involved in commercial and business litigation in Texas and Oklahoma. My focus is efficient and effective representation throughout the litigation process, from initial strategy development through arbitration or trial, if necessary.  Litigation success is the product of an ability to develop innovative strategies, relentless preparation and uncompromising work ethic, persuasive courtroom presentation, and a commitment to excellence.  The Law Office of Abby Allford, PLLC is experienced in various areas of commercial law, including but not limited to:



Breach of contract Breach of fiduciary duty
Insurance coverage disputes Shareholder and partnership disputes
Non-compete controversies Intellectual property issues
Construction litigation Real estate litigation
Employment and labor litigation Estate litigation
Covenants related to employment and/or confidential information Consumer/Warranty claims

Business torts

  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Interference with contractual relations or prospective business advantage
  • Bad faith and unfair dealing
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Collections


When a company faces litigation, experienced legal representation is vital to ensuring that the business’s rights and assets are protected. I understand that disputes can negatively impact a company’s resources and take valuable attention away from its core operations. Therefore, I always work to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible without losing sight of my clients best interests.  My clients appreciate the attention, respect, and candor they receive from my firm. I strive to develop such a bond with each client I represent.